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Red dot plates for Smith & Wesson models

Red dot plates for Smith & Wesson models

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In this category you can find red dot plates that work with optics ready models from Smith & Wesson

Red dot plates only work with optics ready models. If you have standard model without the optics ready cut in slide, you need to be searching for red dot mounts for Smith & Wesson instead.

What to check before buying

Before you order any plate, please make sure that the plate is compatible both with your model as well as with the red dot that you are trying to install to it.

Detailed compatibility lists are always included in the description of each product. 

We do our best to make the compatibility of each product as clear and easy to understand as possible, so please make sure to read it. 

Benefits of using red dot sight

Main benefit of using red dot is better shooting results. You will be able to aim faster and more precisely while focusing on the target and not on the sights. 

Other than improving the shooting results, many people choose red dot also because of age. With age the quality of eyesight goes down and it may be difficult to focus on close objects. And red dot solves that.

Installation of red dot plate

Compared to installation of red dot mount, installation of red dot plate is relatively easy and you can do it most of the time with basic tools by yourself. 


Which red dot sights can I mount with your plates?

Based on the selected red dot plate, you will be able to mount following red dots:

Holosun K-serie standard

  • Holosun 407K,
  • Holosun 407K-GR,
  • Holosun 507K,
  • Holosun 507K-GR,
  • Holosun EPS,
  • Holosun EPS Carry

To which models can I install these plates?

Based on the selected red dot plate, you will be able to install it to the following models:

  • Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Plus Optics Ready

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