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Red dot plates

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Red dot plates are mounting devices for optics ready models of pistols. 

If you bought a handgun that is "optics ready" then to install a red dot to such pistol you will plate which you can find in this category.

There are many different types of plates. When searching for a plate, we recommend to look by the brand and model of the pistol for which you want the red dot plate. Read carefully the description of the plate so be sure about compatibility.

There are two compabilities to watch: 

  • compatibility with model of pistol, and
  • compatibility with red dot.

Compatibility with model of pistol

Each manufacturer uses its own mounting solution for their optics ready models. That means that you have to search for red dot plate made specifically for your model. If your model is not listed among the compatible ones, please ask us first by email to confirm the compatibility.

However, if a model of pistol is listed as compatible, its 100% compatible. Just be sure that the name of your model is the exact same name as the one listed. That is because many manufacturers use similar names for models that do not share the same compatibility of red dot plates. For example "Beretta APX" vs "Beretta APX Carry" use different red dot plates. 

Compatibility of red dots

Luckily red dot manufacturers share few red dot footprints for almost all of their red dot sights. That means that the chances are very high that whichever red dot you buy, it uses footprint that many other red dots use. And therefore there are also compatible red dot plates that allow its installation to a gun. 

There are 5 most common red dot footprint standards:

Then there are some more footprint standards, but those are already less common.

We do our best to be able to offer adapters for these less used footprints as well though. Either by offering you universal red dot plates that share more types of footprints by a set of pins and holes that can be set up in many differnt ways and thus function for different footprints, or through footprint adapters.

Types of red dot plates

There are two types of plates:

  • universal plates, and
  • specific plates.

The names are however little confusing. Both of these types are actually universal thanks to the compatibility among red dots with the same footprint. Thus if a plate is made for Trijicon RMR footprint, it will be also compatible with another 30-50 red dots that also use Trijicon RMR footprint. 

Universal plates then differ by the fact that they can be made to work with different footprint standards. They use a set of pins and holes. By using specific pins for specific holes, you will be able to create footprint standards with the plate. Usually such universal plate can be used for 3 footprint standards at maximum.

You will always find these red dot footprint compatibililty details on each product in detail including up-to-date list of red dots using the same footprint standard - whether the plate is universal or made for specific footprint. 

Installation of red dot plates

To install a red dot plate to your model is usually quite simple. As plates are made for optics ready models, its usually just about removal of the optics ready cover and replacing it with the plate.

Once the plate is installed, you can go ahead and install a red dot to the plate.

Installation can be done by yourself at home, but if you do not feel confident with any such operation, you can always visit gunsmith with it as well. 

Supported models

We continually expand the offerings as manufacturers of plates catch up with the newest models. 

You can find here red dot plates for the following brands so far:

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