Holosun SCS CZ P-10: what is inside the box

We finally got our hands on the new Holosun SCS CZ P-10. Here is how it looks like and what will you find inside the box.

 What is in the box

In the box you will find following:

  • cleaning lens cloth
  • user manual
  • adjustment key
  • screws that hold the red dot to the slide
  • Holosun SCS CZ P-10 red dot
Holosun SCS CZ P-10 unboxed
With other Holosun red dot optics you can usually find more sets of screws, as some use the size of screws for optic plates and some use the size for red dot mounts. Here comes only 2 screws as you will be mounting it just and only to the slide of CZ P10 OR.   

About the Holosun SCS CZ P-10

This red dot is red dot only by name, in reality it comes in green color only. 

Holosun SCS CZ P-10 reticle regimes

It has 3 reticle regimes:

  1. it can show 2 MOA green dot only,
  2. it can show 32 MOA green circle only, or
  3. it can show both 2 MOA green dot and 32 MOA green circle.
Holosun SCS CZ P-10   

How to mount it

This red dot is unique by the fact that it fits to the slide directly.

You do not need to have any CZ P10 OR plate, nor any other mounting device. If you have CZ P-10 Optics Ready model, it will just fit.

You just put the red dot to the slide cut of CZ P-10 Optics Ready model, and it will fit as it goes.

Mounting other Holosun red dots to CZ P-10

You have to install Holosun SCS CZ P10 directly to the slide. However, if you decide to go for any other Holosun red dot, you will have to use an adapter plate. 

Holosun optics either use a) Trijicon RMR footprint, or b) Holosun K-series footprint. We have plates that work with CZ P-10 OR models for both: